Wednesday, August 6, 2014

India Was One- great story with valuable lesson

I liked this book on so many levels…where do I begin?

The book is about a couple who grew up in India, got married and then moved to the US.  Once they have finally settled in, there is a crisis that affects all of India when the country separates in two, but this time it's not the Pakistanis and Indians fighting.

It’s a voyeuristic view into another culture. Through the engaging storyline, you will receive an education on India, the Indian culture and the difficulties that Indian immigrants face when they come to the US. 

But…it’s much more than that. I took a lesson from this book. We are all stronger when unified. Trivial differences should not be allowed to grow into hatred; causing desires for borders and   separation. 

There is also a mystery element here. The author chooses to remain anonymous, signing off as “An Indian”..  

You can buy the book here.

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