Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Alphas- a thriller and so much more!

Diane Rapp has done it again!  Her descriptive style of writing draws you into the story and before you know it, you feel a strong connection to the characters.  I loved the Heirs to the Throne" Trilogy by Diane, and I was delighted when she wrote this prequel.
The story reveals the secrets behind the telepathic wolves and their connection to specially bred dogs. In the previous trilogy, the highly intelligent wolves inhabit the planet Drako. The path that led them to Drako was full of heartbreak and happiness. There is a murder, a mystery and romance. The corruption and greed will leave you seething, but the goodness of others will touch you deeply.  You will feel the love. Anyone who ever loved a pet will appreciate the dialogue between the humans and the wolves and dogs.  The story is written from the heart and it will take you for a ride. 
Yes, this is a work of fiction….or is it? 

Buy the book here.  Dianes' website is here.

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