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How to Prepare for a Facebook Launch Party

Famous author, Diane Rapp has graciously agreed to share her wisdom and experience in launching her latest book, 'Dragon Defense'. This is book three in the 'Howl of the Wolf' series. Here is her story:

Several people who participated in my recent DRAGON DEFENSE launch party asked me to describe what I did to prepare for the party.  Since my science fiction novel was set on another world, I needed to create pictures to introduce people to the planet Drako and my dragons.  The following suggestions apply to any type of book.

One month before the party:

1.               Decide on the “theme” for the party and take pictures of food and drink that might be served at a real launch party.  My food was Tex Mex, so I took photos during a real party I attended.  The people at that party thought it was fun and got interested in attending the FB launch.
2.               Take or find pictures that represent characters or scenes in your book.  I visited and bought background pictures, pictures of dragons, a picture of a lizard man, and pictures of pretty girls.

3.               Modify your pictures to fit your book.  I used Photoshop Elements 10 to change the pictures (you can download a 30 day free trial from Adobe).  I deleted backgrounds around my characters, and altered hair, eye color, and added wild colors to the dragon wings.  It took a bit of practice, watching help videos, and trial/error to get it right.  Give yourself plenty of time if you’ve never done photo editing before and save the finished pictures into a file for the party. 

4.               Write descriptions that might go with your pictures and save them into a word processing file for later cut/paste.

5.               Tweet about the upcoming party.  Make friends on Facebook, Goodreads, and Twitter.  Take a genuine interest in what other people are doing and join in conversations.  Everyone who followed me on Twitter or FB was invited to “like” my author’s page and attend the upcoming party.  Some of them did.

Arrange for guest blogs and interviews:

1.               Line up several bloggers willing to post character interviews, reviews, or guest blogs and take time to write these blogs.  I wrote one blog about my writing process, three character interviews, and one blog to announce the launch of the book and invite people to the party.
2.               Get advance reviews of your book by sending volunteers copies well in advance.  The reviews help promote your book during and after the party.

Invite guests to the party on Facebook:

1.               I scheduled my party for a full week.  This was too long as interest waned after the first couple of days.  People still looked at my pictures during the rest of the week but I got fewer comments.
2.               When you schedule an event, you can invite guests on your main FB account.  Click on invite guests and then click on the name of each person to send them an invitation.  Make sure to describe the party in the invitation.
3.               Tell people how to disable the notifications if they don’t want to get constant e-mails.  You may need to tell people again during the party if they complain about too many e-mails.  (Click on the little star at the top right of the page and on the pull down menu click turn off notifications.)
4.               On the day the party starts post a description of the party and the page link on every FB group that you belong to.  Ask people to drop by and have fun.  IF you have a contest going, invite them to enter and tell them how.
5.               Post a blog about your party, contest, and book launch on your own website.  If you’re a member of Goodreads invite people to the party using your Facebook page as an address.  Post your blog on Goodreads too.
6.               Tweet!  Make sure your Facebook page sends tweets every time you post something.  This gets people to drop into the site out of curiosity and some come back.

During the party:

1.               Be prepared to check in on the party often to answer questions and make comments.  Post new pictures periodically (not all at once) with your comments on both your author’s page and the party event page.  I don’t know why the party can’t be run from your author’s page alone but the invites on FB take people to a new party page.  It’s easy to copy and paste.  You’ll get more people looking if you post on both pages.
2.               I changed the banner on my author’s page every day and posted a comment that related to the banner photo.  I also posted the same picture on the party page with the description.  This keeps the party fun and keeps people interested.
3.               Run a word game to keep the party fun.  Using the title of my book DRAGON DEFENSE, I asked people to make as many four letter or more words from the letters.  Since my wolves are modeled after my German Shepherd Dog, I scheduled another game.  I posted my dog breed and the next person had to use the last letter of the name to post another until we ran out of possibilities.  These gave keep people involved.
4.               The pictures I posted were a great success and garnered most comments.  I posted pictures of wine, margaritas, Tex Mex food and pizza.  The pictures of scenes and characters got people talking about the book.  Over a hundred views of each picture occurred, although not everyone made a comment.


1.               The goal of your launch party is to introduce your book.  Don’t expect hundreds of sales unless you’ve already got people waiting in line to buy them.  I got 1405 views on the Facebook pages during the party.  If the average return was 5 times, 281 different people learned about the book.  It was a good start. 
2.               I sold a few copies of the new book but I also sold my other books.  I held a contest on my website for a poster of my cover and the winner was very happy.  You might get more people to your website by giving away large dollar gift cards.  Set your goals for exposure and follow up next month with other promotions.

Thank you, Diane, This is valuable information that will help countless authors. Thank you so much.

Here's where you can find Diane and her awesome books:

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Two Graves~ review & disturbing writing exercise with D.A. Graystone

‘Two Graves’ is an incredibly well written novel. Once I started reading, I was hooked. The storyline is profound, with a captivating subplot. 

This book will keep you on your toes. The tension builds from the first page. The depth of the characters deepens your experience. The players are complex and may remind you of people that you actually know.

You will cringe as you live through the killer’s memories of torment and suffering. The abusive childhood created a rage so intense-it produced a serial killer. You may try to put yourself in his shoes; try to understand his motivation. You may not like the feelings this evokes.

Your mind will race as the tension builds and the storylines meld. What is the connection with the serial killer and the mafia? Is the Kesle Police Department tied up with the mafia? Corruption is in the air.  

How will it end?

“Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.”  



Thanks so much for joining us for an interview today, Derek. I was captivated with your book, ‘Two Graves’. It was intense, with some brutal murder scenes. I hope it sends out a message to all bullies.

 Being a Reiki Master and a Wiccan, I would guess that your personal beliefs lean more toward the peaceful & harmonious. Was there any personal inspiration for the story?


Very true, I believe in peaceful resolutions to conflicts but I am also a realist in knowing that is not always possible, especially with bullies. Much of the inspiration for the novel came from past experiences. Yes, I was bullied when I was younger. I was in the Audio Visual club (this was the 70s before computers), I got straight A’s, was always the “good” kid in class, in other words, a total geek. I hung around with geeks and I even played the violin. (No, not the flute but then the violin didn’t ‘fit’ in the novel.) I might as well have had a target on my back.

I was saved by my one talent of being a fast runner. Both because it got me away from the bullies but it also got me accepted by the jocks, some of the worst bullies out there. I was the anomaly, a geek jock. But for that one talent, and the confidence it gave me, I would most likely have been a target all my life. And now that I have children, I see the trends still continuing and have even gotten worse. My son is bullied and,regardless of the new sensitivity toward bullying, I feel just as helpless as I did when I was his age.

And that helplessness combined with my current confidence is what drove the creation of my killer. In the aftermath of a bullying, I had thoughts of ‘I should have said this’, ‘I should have done this’. Now, what if a chronic victim could suddenly turn those thoughts into ‘I can fight back and give them even worse than they gave me’. Fighting back but to a degree that for most of us, hopefully, would only be fantasy.


I understand that pain, firsthand.  I wish more kids could find a constructive way to fight back.  Unfortunately, more often than not, it seems to happen like it does in your book.  When the victim is terrorized to a certain degree it simply pushes them over the edge.  Every time you hear of a tragic massacre in a school, the perpetrators were victims of  bullying. It's just heartbreaking.  

On a lighter note, if ‘Two Graves’ is made into a movie, who would you like to see cast in the roles?


Interesting you should say that. Every book I write, I have pictures of my characters pinned up on the wall, often times just pictures of people I see but often actors. And you have to remember that it can take years to write the book and sometimes my choices age themselves out of running. I did see George Clooney as Mann and originally Julianne Moore as Dani. However, I could see Poppy Montgomery in the part Dani with no problem at all. Joaquin Phoenix was always the killer, although he would have to put on some pounds. I have also promised my 88 year old father that he can have a walk on part.


I love George Clooney as Mann.  Poppy would be great- and now she even has the red hair, like Dani. Maybe your father could play the role of a veteran cop that they call in to consult with on the case. I would have never thought of Joaquin Phoenix, but if he put on a few pounds, yes, I can see it!

Please share with us, what is your writing ritual? Where do you like to write?  How often? Do you schedule time or wait for inspiration?


I write as often and whenever I can. With my schedule, that might mean at 5 in the morning or 12 at night or anywhere in between. My preference for location is a house we go to in Exuma, Bahamas. Otherwise, I do most of my writing in my basement office that the previous owners used for a storage room. The writer in me considers it warm and cozy, with convenient access to everything in the room – doesn’t that sound better than hot, cramped and crowded. Whenever the Canadian weather allows it, I also write in my back yard around the pool.

My method is to plot and plan the entire book. I also have detailed character sketches and back stories for my characters before I start. More often than not, much of the backstory doesn’t even get into the book but it is always in the back of my mind, giving motivation to the characters. Then, after I transfer all my notes to index cards, I just start writing at the beginning and to until it ends. I also set up a schedule of X number of words a day that invariably is overly ambitious and never achieved.


I like the idea a the detailed character sketches and back stories.  I think I read somewhere that Steven King does something similar. I’m going to try that technique.

Balance seems to be an issue that most authors grapple with. You have a wife, four daughters, one son, and three granddaughters. How do you balance your personal life with your writing and the promotional aspect of writing?


I have to change my bio again since one of my daughters got married and I inherited two more granddaughters. And then we have one more coming this summer. Balance? I don’t know a fledgling Indie author who isn’t an expert juggler. Strangely, it always seems to be the writing that suffers if you are not diligent in getting at it. For me, the real secret is not having to rely on the muse to tickle my creativity. I force myself to just sit down and writing something, often complete trash but usually with some nugget I can salvage. And although I just finished saying I write from the beginning to the end, my mood might dictate what I write that day. I will occasionally skip to a scene with my killer if I have had a particularly bad day. I also usually have three or four projects on the go at any one time.

But the real saving grace for me?  In Yvette, I have the most understanding wife in the world. She supports me, even if she doesn’t understand why I feel it necessary to edit the same book over and over and over. This allows me the time and energy to work (guilt free) on the various activities associated with writing and promoting.


Congrats on your two new granddaughters and also for the baby who is on the way. What a blessing.

I agree that the support of your spouse means everything.  Thank you, Yvette- the world needs more of Derek’s books : )

It sounds like  writing a murder scene could be very therapeutic. I can see that:

A bad day at work, a troublesome boss that has you all stressed out… And then, a few minutes after you get home…he gets what he’s got coming!

I have a ritual. I like to do a “writing exercise” with the authors that I interview. I give them a scene and then ask them to re-write the scene in their own special style. Are you game?



K-Okay- here you go:

Anil sat quietly in the dark room, staring down into the amber liquid in the glass he held in his hand. He quickly swallowed the whiskey, in one gulp. Then he screamed out filthy obscenities, while he hurled the glass to the floor. He grimaced as a large glass shard bounced up and lodged in his bare ankle. He reached down and grabbed the glass shard, and pushed it deeply in to his skin, and then pulled the shard through his leg, all the way up to his knee. 
He screamed out in pain and then grabbed the glass shard and threw it back on the floor. He didn't notice the blood gushing down his leg and pooling on the floor. He felt a little better now. He had discovered that cutting himself seemed to calm him down. Sometimes he became so irate and agitated it took more than just a few cuts. It was starting to escalate. Like a drug, he needed more and more. The month before he was not able to soothe himself until he had sliced off his pinky finger.


This was fun! However, you might notice that my characters are usually more proactive, less prone to self-infliction and more prone to blaming others for their problems – and then taking it out of them.

Anil sat staring at the old style computer monitor, absently swirling the amber liquid in the Glencairn glass, not even noticing the enticing aroma of the whiskey. He couldn’t take his eyes off the damn screen and the smiling couple on the Facebook update. Now that she was with that smiling sack of skin, Anil knew he was forgotten, ignored. Nonexistent.

“You bitch,” he said in a low voice.

Downing his drink in a single gulp, he weighed the heavy glass in his hand. Pulling back, he threw it, exploding the monitor in a cascade of sparks and smoke, obliterating the happy couple on the screen.

Looking down, he saw a shard of the monitor in his forearm. He studied the sharp glass, watching the blood well out. In a slow, deliberate motion, he pulled the thin glass along his arm, fascinated as the already scarred skin parted and blood dripped down his arm. He felt no pain. There was a time, before he met her, when cutting himself was the only way he felt alive. The pain allowed him to feel something, anything. Now, there was only the hollowness since she deserted him. Now, even the pain was just a dull sensation – like his entire world without her.

Cutting himself had no effect.

But cutting her?

He pulled the thin glass from his arm and watched a single drop of blood fall onto his desk. What would he feel if he was to pull this across that smiling face of hers? Would he finally begin to feel again as he sliced into those perky breasts she was so proud of? She couldn’t see a life with him? He could make sure she wouldn’t see at all. What would this little shard do to those big brown eyes of hers?

He remembered her status update and smiled. So, she was getting engaged?

How would she wear that big sparking diamond if she didn’t have a ring finger?


Wow!  I did not see that coming!  That was an excellent twist to what I had expected.  I knew it would be spectacular. Thank you.

Do you have any upcoming events or book promotions?


Thirteen Great Indie Authors and myself are participating in the Stock Up For Summer event, a free giveaway of our books June 14-16th. My other novel, The Schliemann Legacy, will be free those days. You can get more information about the event and some incredible authors at (a work in progress).


That sounds really exciting.  I will be checking that out.

Derek, thank you so much for joining us. It was wonderful chatting with you. Where can people find you and your work on the web?


I welcome all fans, stalkers and people who just have too much time on their hands while surfing the web…

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Dragon Defense~character interview

Interview between Felesia and Kathleen

F:  It’s so nice to meet you Kathleen! Diane shared your novel Hiren’s Magical Adventure with us, and Marra really enjoyed hearing about the tiger. Wait! I must tell Marra what we’re talking about. 

Marra:  Bfff—Yeowl.

K: It’s lovely meeting you & Marra.  I’m so glad Marra liked the story. She is much bigger than I imagined.  (looking cautiously at Marra, who flicks her tail and stretches out her long graceful paws ) She seems as though she’s trying to tell me something…or maybe she’s hungry?

F: (laughing) Marra says she’d like to meet your tiger and see who’s bigger.  Marra is the largest panther on Drako and can’t believe a tiger could grow larger on Earth.  I won’t tell her that tigers are really larger than panthers if you don’t.

K: No, that secret is safe with me.  Marra is very big and beautiful.  But… she seems annoyed… (nervously glancing at Marra)

F:  (Marra butts Felesia with her head and rubs against her leg.) Marra gets impatient when humans talk too much. She’d rather hunt.

K: Oh… is that dangerous…for me?

F:  Hold my hand and I’ll help you share her mind.  Don’t be afraid.  She had a big meal before you arrived.  See?  Inside her mind we look at a couple of scrawny humans staring back at us.  Yes.  I feel my tail twitching and my claws digging into the grass.  Marra is like a giant housecat who likes to stretch and drag her claws through the turf.  I’m sure the grass will grow back when the dark moon comes out tonight.

K: I could feel my tail!  That was a strange experience. Well, I’m not afraid anymore. Whew!

Felesia, don’t you usually travel with a Mongoose?

F:  Yes.  Killer is sleeping inside my pack.  I’ll let him out.  (There’s loud chattering from the small mongoose.)  He’s asking if you have fresh snake in your picnic basket.  It’s his favorite food, but he’ll take a piece of raw fish. 

K: Oh, sorry, I didn’t know.  I do have some sushi, would he like some?

F:  Sushi?  He’ll give it a try.  (She giggles as the mongoose strips the rice away from the fish and chatters for more.)  I’m sorry about the mess, he usually cleans up tidbits. 

K: I also brought this salmon flavored cat food, in case Marra was hungry. We wouldn’t want Marra to get hungry!

F:  A can of salmon would be fine, but we won’t tell him it’s really cat food.

K: I see that you and Killer are very close.  How did this relationship come about?

F:  I found Killer tied to a post in a Gypsies’ camp.  They were using him for a snake show at the carnival.  He’d catch a snake in no time, but the handler yanked him away before he could kill it.  He was very unhappy, so we raided the camp and set him free.    

K: That was so nice of you.  I don’t like when people try to use animals for entertainment purposes.
Oh, my goodness, what was that?

F:  (Keening sounds come from a branch above their heads.)  Arrow wants me to tell you that she was instrumental in Killer’s rescue.  Arrow kept the Gypsies busy trying to capture a “prized hawk” and they didn’t notice me sneak into the camp.  Later Arrow and I enjoyed letting them chase us through the woods.  I’d duck behind a tree and she’d fly out, making it appear I changed into a bird.  Gypsies spread a rumor that I was a shape-shifter, hoping someone could capture me and sell me to the carnival.  That was before Flash arrived to protect us.

K: That sounds daring! You and Arrow took a lot of chances!  How do Killer and Flash get along?

F:  Killer and Flash are best friends.  When Flash was just hatched, Killer brought snakes for her to eat.

K: Oh, that’s so sweet! Does Killer like to fly on Flash’s back?

F: No, Killer doesn’t enjoy flying.  He hides inside my pack until we’re safely on the ground.  Would you like to meet Flash?  (wind whips their hair as the dragon lands.)

K: Nice to meet you, Flash.  My goodness you certainly know how to make an entrance. You are a beautiful Dragon.

F:  Flash never met a human from Earth before.  She asks if it’s more fun flying inside an airplane than riding on a dragon’s back.  Her friend Sparkle would love to give you a ride if you stay on Drako a few more days.  Sparkle is sitting on the top of that cliff.  She’s the one with streaks of color radiating through her wings in a more flamboyant color pattern than the other dragons. 

K: I’ve never had the pleasure of riding on a dragon’s back.  It sounds a bit scary… I have a fear of heights… but it does sound like fun! Why does Sparkle keep changing colors?

F:  Colors ripple through a dragon’s wings and I see the meaning inside my mind.  The dragons have a complicated color vocabulary but we’re learning to speak with them. 

K: That’s fascinating. So are you able to communicate?

F:  My new friends, Shariel and Brandon, are training Shariel’s siblings to fly on dragons.  Shariel speaks mentally with the dragons and has the power of mind control.  That power enables her to share messages with Brandon, who is headblind.  He plans to flash colored lights from a ship to speak with dragons.

K: That’s brilliant.  So many exciting things going on her on Drako.  I heard that there are plans for a royal wedding.  Is that true?

F:  Jordan and I plan to marry, but the Institute threatens to destroy Drako if my father and Dr. Alexander don’t surrender.  We can’t allow that to happen.  Our dragon air force is the key to Donovan’s secret defense strategy.  Please don’t tell the Earthlings from the Institute about the dragon defense.

K: I would never tell the Earthlings anything to harm you or your family.  I will do anything I can to help you. 

F:  I’d better leave.  The dragons must practice flying in formation.  Yesterday they bumped into each other and had to catch their riders before the humans hit the ground.  The dragons thought it was a fun new game but their riders objected to the free fall. 

K: Oh, of course, I understand.  Felesia, Perhaps I should delay my ride with Sparkle until they get the hang of it… (fear of flying renewed)

Thank you so much for joining me for the picnic.  It was so nice meeting all of you.

F:  Ask Diane to send us your next book about a tiger.  Marra loves those stories better than mushy romances.  Of course Marra also enjoys a good ghost story.  Bye.

K: I will.  Bye!

Buy Dragon Defense here

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Zeke- review of riveting new book by the incredible Wodke Hawkinson

This was a gripping story.  I was truly unable to put the book down.  The story introduces you to Sue, a sheltered and very naïve young lady.  She’s experienced quite a bit of rejection and bullying in her young life and it’s left her quite insecure and fragile.

Along comes Zeke.  It’s apparent that he’s up to no good right from the start.  He’s got everything he needs to play on the emotions of a lonely young soul.  His good looks and charm can win over even more sophisticated, older women.  He’s very good at giving women what they want.  His looks and sexual prowess work as his initial bait.

He knows exactly how to manipulate Sue.  First, with an innocent friendship that is the start of the training/brainwashing.  Zeke becomes her only friend.   He keeps Sue at a distance, while she longs for him.  He knows that his little peck on the cheek is bringing about explosions of yearning and desire. 
When it fits in his plan, they become intimate.  Sue reveals her most painful memories in private pillow talk.  Zeke uses this information as tools and weapons to manipulate Sue, with the ability to inflict the most excruciating pain and humiliation.

He is quick to punish Sue if she steps out of line.  At first it was just emotional abuse.  It’s all part of the training.  Sue is confused.  She loves Zeke. She can’t believe that she is worthy to have him.  She justifies all the little red flags.

You may find yourself yelling at Sue.  “Sue!  He’s a bad guy- run from him as fast as you can!” But Sue is already brainwashed.

Zeke convinces and tricks Sue into countless situations that are degrading and sick.  It escalates and soon it’s apparent that Zeke is even more evil than you could imagine.  When Sue finally realizes this, Zeke makes sure that she cannot leave him.

This book will stay with you for days.  Pass it on to all the single women in your life.  This should serve as a warning.  There are many “Zeke’s” out there, just waiting…

Buy Zeke here

Learn more about Wodke Hawkinson here

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The Black Witch- book review and interview

As I started reading 'The Black Witch', I was transported to another time and place.    As I met the characters and followed them on their journey, I was drawn in by their idiosyncrasies and flaws. And then the subsequent nightmare than ensued...

Dorian Coe and his wife, Diana are the first to discover 'The Black Witch', while shopping around for a sailing vessel.  They are immediately put under her spell and are willing to sacrifice their life savings to have her.  It's an evil spell that no one can resist. The scenes are so vividly depicted; I almost fell under the spell myself.

When Dorian tells his friend Gale about his 'find', and brings him to see the vessel, he is inexplicably drawn to her, as well.  Obsession sets in.  They must have her.  Even with the dire warnings given in the logbooks- nothing matters but 'The Black Witch'.

They invite a group of friends to join them as passengers to celebrate The Black Witch's first launch. They head out into the mysterious open sea. It isn't long before pure evil rears its ugly head. Slowly each horrified passenger comes to the realization that they are doomed and there is nothing they can do about it.  Even the woman with strange powers is no match for the powerful force driving 'The Black Witch'.

Interview with the author- Micheal Rivers
There are so many intricate details describing the 'Black Witch'.  Are you a sailing man yourself?

A: I grew up on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I have always had a great love for tall ships. For me they hold a beauty like no other.

Was there any personal inspiration for this story?

A: The inspiration for The Black Witch came from a culmination of the character of the Bankers (residents of the Outer Banks) and a long and hard won sense of pride. Tales of the sea are not uncommon there with superstitions and spirits to fill the stories that are passed from generation to generation.

Do you believe in psychic ability and astral projection?

A: I do believe in psychic abilities but I am still looking into Astral Projection. I have known several people who had abilities that were beyond question. A family I know well lost 13 members of their family in four months. These deaths ranged from SIDS to heart attacks and cancer. The woman predicted all of them by name except for one. She said she could not see the face of the unnamed person.
I really enjoyed your writing and I can't believe that this was your debut novel.  Whenever I read a book with such intense imagery, I am always in awe.  Do you have a special process that you go through when writing? 

A: Yes I do. I set up my story board before I ever do an actual outline. At this point a Pepsi and a cigarette come into play and the story starts to roll. The outline is basic and changes as the story progresses. I found for me, sticking to a singular outline, or thought does not let my story take a life of its own. The story has full control of the outcome.

This is a book that should be made into a movie.  Have you considered selling the screen rights?

A: If anyone was interested in putting the story on screen I would be honored. At this time I have not been approached with an offer.

I can't wait to read your other books, but I would love to know what happens next!  Any chance of a sequel?

A: I am going to be doing a sequel to The Black Witch. I have had a lot of readers request it so I will grant their wish. I thank them for requesting it. To me that is a great compliment. Surprise!!! I am actually working on the sequel now. The main character is named Drummond Fowl.

Buy 'The Black Witch' here.  
Follow Micheal on Twitter here.   
Visit Micheal's website here.

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Amazon- the biggest bully of all?

Amazon has forced me to unpublish my book ‘The Bullying Epidemic-the guide to arm you for the fight’.

They claimed that there was information in the book that was available for free elsewhere on the web.  

I explained that my book is a guide to help parents, teachers & students with the problem of bullying. 
In writing this book, I researched the experts in this field, specialists in child psychology and other professionals that have dedicated their careers to this growing problem. 

There are guides to recognize bullying behavior, in both the target, as well as the bully. There is a list of the various types of bullying, and an interactive exercise that can be done with students/children.  I have included a step by step guide of what to do when you discover a bullying scenario. This is in addition to other valuable information that I have discovered.   I have listed all of my sources, along with their websites. 

There is also a collection of organizations and websites that can help with bullying, suicide prevention, civil rights violations, LGBT and many other areas of support.

This is a convenient guide, filled with valuable resources. I have always offered this free of charge, as a public service.  

Since Amazon also threatened to terminate my account, so that I couldn't sell any of my books, I reluctantly unpublished this book.  I hope that they will allow me to republish the book because I believe it can help many.  Even if it only helped one child, I would be delighted.

Luckily, you can still get the book here: 

Photo compliments of