Thursday, July 12, 2012

Zeke- review of riveting new book by the incredible Wodke Hawkinson

This was a gripping story.  I was truly unable to put the book down.  The story introduces you to Sue, a sheltered and very naïve young lady.  She’s experienced quite a bit of rejection and bullying in her young life and it’s left her quite insecure and fragile.

Along comes Zeke.  It’s apparent that he’s up to no good right from the start.  He’s got everything he needs to play on the emotions of a lonely young soul.  His good looks and charm can win over even more sophisticated, older women.  He’s very good at giving women what they want.  His looks and sexual prowess work as his initial bait.

He knows exactly how to manipulate Sue.  First, with an innocent friendship that is the start of the training/brainwashing.  Zeke becomes her only friend.   He keeps Sue at a distance, while she longs for him.  He knows that his little peck on the cheek is bringing about explosions of yearning and desire. 
When it fits in his plan, they become intimate.  Sue reveals her most painful memories in private pillow talk.  Zeke uses this information as tools and weapons to manipulate Sue, with the ability to inflict the most excruciating pain and humiliation.

He is quick to punish Sue if she steps out of line.  At first it was just emotional abuse.  It’s all part of the training.  Sue is confused.  She loves Zeke. She can’t believe that she is worthy to have him.  She justifies all the little red flags.

You may find yourself yelling at Sue.  “Sue!  He’s a bad guy- run from him as fast as you can!” But Sue is already brainwashed.

Zeke convinces and tricks Sue into countless situations that are degrading and sick.  It escalates and soon it’s apparent that Zeke is even more evil than you could imagine.  When Sue finally realizes this, Zeke makes sure that she cannot leave him.

This book will stay with you for days.  Pass it on to all the single women in your life.  This should serve as a warning.  There are many “Zeke’s” out there, just waiting…

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