Saturday, August 25, 2012

Review~The Magic in the Receiver debut novel by Paul Dillon

I love a book that can transport me to another world, a faraway, exotic and beautiful place. As I read this book, I fell in love the picturesque Greek island of Kefalonia.  I could hear the waves pounding on the beach and smell the aroma of the Bougainvillea that painted the island with swaths of vivid color. 

There are two stories being told simultaneously.  Elena is a young Greek-American woman visiting the land of her father.  She is at a crossroads in her life, facing some serious decisions.

Then there is the story of her ancestors, who were victim to the horrendous earthquake of 1953.  The only survivors were her father, aunt and uncle. The haunting memories are described so vividly you can feel the earth rumble.

Although they have moved on and lived lives that are rich in love and family, the emotional turmoil  from the earthquake stay close to the surface.

A mystical ceremonial ritual brings the family, with most of the island together in a pilgrimage of sorts.  This ends in giving the survivors a kind of closure and peace.

But Elena cannot find peace.  She finds herself with more questions than answers.  There are so many possibilities. She is completely enchanted by the island and can see herself settling in to the Kefalonian lifestyle permanently.  

The insistent calls from her impatient fiancé’ start to feel smothering.  His controlling manner seems to be pushing her into the arms of another, However, his demands that she return to Boston are forcing her to make a decision sooner rather than later.

She is intrigued by a local artist who seems to feed her hunger for an artistic outlet.  He’s married, mysterious, sexy and a little bit scary.  When he asks her to model for him, she is intrigued.

Then there is Ben, the rich American who seems to be chasing his own demons. He’s charismatic and knows exactly how to get what he wants.  His attraction quickly approaches obsession.

Elena wonders about fate.  Does everything happen for a reason?

I wonder if Elena will make it back to Boston safely.

Maybe she will live happily ever after in Kefalonia.

I don’t know if it is meant to be. 

There is something ominous in the air…

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