Sunday, August 5, 2012

Review~The Lost Tourist Franchise by Charles Dougherty

I really enjoyed this book. I love that it was short enough to read in one sitting, yet it was rich in descriptive detail & intrigue.  It kept me engaged beginning to end. It also kept me wondering… 

Donald is a likable character; a young soldier who has had his share of hard luck. He’s been kicked around some, but has retained a certain innocence and integrity.

Then there is Luther, he seems to be in the right place at the right time.  I like Luther. He's a self-made man. He's worked hard to become a successful business owner.  He was there for Donald, and he took him under his wing, offering Donald the chance for financial independence.

Luther is a good man…or is he?

You and Donald may have your suspicions, but you want to give Luther the benefit of the doubt.  Yet there are those darn red flags...


Mr. Dougherty is not only a talented writer, but he leads a fascinating life.  He and his wife have been sailing the world for the past twelve years. He's been writing incredible books from their nautical residence. According to Mr. Dougherty:

"If the idea of life afloat interests you, be sure to visit our sailing blog,Voyage of the Play Actor, where you find information about our sailing adventures."

You can find his books here


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