Monday, June 18, 2012

Could it be? Does Amazon really love Indies?

Love, Amazon

Okay, that's not really from Amazon, but I wish it was!

I, along with many of my fellow indie authors have been feeling disappointed with Amazon.  

KDP let us down.

It seemed that the party was over.  Many of us started to believe that Amazon no longer cared about us.  The love was gone.

However, today when I opened my browser and typed in, something was different.  There was a letter from Jeff Bezos, the Founder & CEO.  

 It was about Jessica Park, an author who had previously published the “old fashioned” way, but had now gone indie.  There were links to her blog, telling her story- with glowing words of love for KDP.  In fact, the post is titled, ‘How Amazon Saved My Life’.   Wow!

And then Jeff wrote that ,” KDP is already meaningful--22 of our top 100 best-selling Kindle books so far this year are KDP books--and more great stories are being published every day.”

I am feeling particularly vulnerable. I want to believe that Jeff is not toying with our emotions. 

But my logical side has to ask:  Is this a clever marketing ploy that promotes KDP, persuades readers to buy more Indie titles, and as a bonus- tries to “make nice” with Indies?  

Or, maybe Jeff and the folks at Amazon realized that they were taking us for granted and want to make it up to us, before we all jumped ship.  

What do you think?

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