Thursday, February 7, 2013

Review~The Schliemann Legacy~ @DAGraysone never disappoints!

Ever since I read Two Graves, D.A. Graystone has been one of my favorite authors. 

Mr. Graystone sweeps you off your feet and on to an adventure that is so dramatic you feel as though you know the characters personally.

The Schliemann Legacy is an international thriller that takes you across the globe. Danger lurks in Munich, Bogotá, Israel, Turkey and Jamaica, but you will follow these personalities with fervor.  

The story begins at an archaeological dig in Turkey in 1873. The Schliemann Legacy, a collection of artifacts that proved the existence of Troy, is unearthed. Unfortunately the collection disappears during World War II.

As you meet the characters you will feel a wide range of emotion.  You may cry when you learn of the horrific childhood that shaped David Morritt, a special agent for the Israel government. He survived the atrocities of the holocaust, due to the kindness of a man that took him under his wing.

You will probably dislike Duman, a former KGB agent, is a brutal terrorist, but you will have find yourself in awe of his skills. He chose this Turkish name that means mist or smoke.

Katrina Kontoravdis will capture your curiosity. An undercover Greek agent, she had been taken out of the field after a tragic death in which she was unfairly blamed. She is given this assignment as a test. If she can get through it with her life, then maybe she can resume her career. The odds are against her.

International agents, assassins and terrorists, they are but puppets when the gluttonous Henri Mardinaud starts his twisted game. (You will definitely hate him)

The story moves quickly and more interesting characters emerge.  There are murders, bombings and constant danger as the race begins to retrieve the treasure.  But even amongst the mayhem and violence, a pure love is able to bloom.

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