Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Black Witch- she's truly irresistible

As I started reading 'The Black Witch', I was transported to another time and place.    As I met the characters and followed them on their journey, I was drawn in by their idiosyncrasies and flaws. And then the subsequent nightmare than ensued...

Dorian Coe and his wife, Diana are the first to discover 'The Black Witch', while shopping around for a sailing vessel.  They are immediately put under her spell and are willing to sacrifice their life savings to have her.  It's an evil spell that no one can resist. The scenes are so vividly depicted; I almost fell under the spell myself.

When Dorian tells his friend Gale about his 'find', and brings him to see the vessel, he is inexplicably drawn to her, as well.  Obsession sets in.  They must have her.  Even with the dire warnings given in the logbooks- nothing matters but 'The Black Witch'.

They invite a group of friends to join them as passengers to celebrate The Black Witch's first launch. They head out into the mysterious open sea. It isn't long before pure evil rears its ugly head. Slowly each horrified passenger comes to the realization that they are doomed and there is nothing they can do about it.  Even the woman with strange powers is no match for the powerful force driving 'The Black Witch'.

Interview with the author- Micheal Rivers

There are so many intricate details describing the 'Black Witch'.  Are you a sailing man yourself?

A: I grew up on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I have always had a great love for tall ships. For me they hold a beauty like no other.

Was there any personal inspiration for this story?

A: The inspiration for The Black Witch came from a culmination of the character of the Bankers (residents of the Outer Banks) and a long and hard won sense of pride. Tales of the sea are not uncommon there with superstitions and spirits to fill the stories that are passed from generation to generation.

Do you believe in psychic ability and astral projection?

A: I do believe in psychic abilities but I am still looking into Astral Projection. I have known several people who had abilities that were beyond question. A family I know well lost 13 members of their family in four months. These deaths ranged from SIDS to heart attacks and cancer. The woman predicted all of them by name except for one. She said she could not see the face of the unnamed person.
I really enjoyed your writing and I can't believe that this was your debut novel.  Whenever I read a book with such intense imagery, I am always in awe.  Do you have a special process that you go through when writing? 

A: Yes I do. I set up my story board before I ever do an actual outline. At this point a Pepsi and a cigarette come into play and the story starts to roll. The outline is basic and changes as the story progresses. I found for me, sticking to a singular outline, or thought does not let my story take a life of its own. The story has full control of the outcome.

This is a book that should be made into a movie.  Have you considered selling the screen rights?

A: If anyone was interested in putting the story on screen I would be honored. At this time I have not been approached with an offer.

I can't wait to read your other books, but I would love to know what happens next!  Any chance of a sequel?

A: I am going to be doing a sequel to The Black Witch. I have had a lot of readers request it so I will grant their wish. I thank them for requesting it. To me that is a great compliment. Surprise!!! I am actually working on the sequel now. The main character is named Drummond Fowl.

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Micheal Rivers said...

Thank you for hosting my interview and for the wonderful review of The Black Witch. I am thrilled you took the "voyage"!

Sheila Deeth said...

Fun interview and good luck with the sequel.