Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Resolutions

The good ole "New Years Resolution'.  How it has evolved.  Almost as though it has a life of its own. It- like I- has become older and wiser.  It has matured and its value system is different than it was ten years ago.  It is kinder and gentler.
For many years it could be quite cruel.  Making promises it couldn't keep.  Almost setting me up for failure.  It put an emphasis on vanity and materialistic goods; losing weight, working out seven days a week,  giving up carbs permanently, making way more money... They were tough demands and even though I gave them the "old college try", inevitably I would fail.

But now it's different.  Sure, I want to be at a healthy weight and I will resolve to stay fit and work out at least three times a week.  But more importantly my resolutions will revolve around the priorities in my current life.  Things that matter in the big picture of life.  Spending more time helping others, fighting for my causes.  

I'm going to resolve to stay positive and not let negativity have the upper hand. There's something so comfortable and familiar about being negative: "These politicians are all crooks, I don't know how the economy will ever recover." or when you hear of the horrors and crimes against innocent lives, "What is happening to the world? Where is God? It doesn't make any sense." 

I think I will give up watching the news. I believe that watching the news is unhealthy.  I would like to have a daily summary of the headlines- minus the crime and cruelty.  Okay, I could be really negative here and say, "Then what news would be left?" But I won't.  I'm going to stop watching the news. It's so slanted anyway. (Was that negative?)

I'm going to keep writing my fiction books and I will keep them fun, but I will always include a lesson.  A lesson in acceptance and love. 

Acceptance and love is really all we need to change the world.

And I will pray to God that my work will make a difference. Even if only for one life. 

Happy New Year to all and may 2012 be the best ever!

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