Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Based on a research report done by Snooth.com, moms  make up a large proportion of our customers.  To me that says we need to make sure we are providing what these busy moms need.

The research shows that two-thirds of the moms polled consider it to be "always acceptable" to drink wine while preparing dinner, and 27% feel it to be always acceptable to drink while doing housework.  I agree! It  Wine can elevate the mundane into something special.

We know people usually consume their wine within just a few hours of purchase, so why not stop by Discount Liquor check our selection in Kat's Wine Boutique, and.or ask us about what's new in wine, so that you can choose the wine that will dazzle at the next parental function. We can point out some really great, "drinkable" wines that appeal to a wide variety of palates.

58% of respondents in the recent poll replied that it was always or usually acceptable to drink wine during parental functions involving children. This is of course in moderation and always with a designated driver if there is driving involved.

It is acceptable (and fun) to drink wine in a variety of venues, but remember to drink responsibly.

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